RF & Microwave

Cable & Antenna analyzer

  • Auto file naming that eliminates manual inputs in file name.
  • Trace overlay that detects signal degradation over time.
  • Dual display and multiple tabs that allow fast and efficient measurements.
  • Intuitive pass/fail analysis that instantly notifies a problem.
  • Integrated RF CW source y EZ-Cal™ that calibrates faster and easier.
  • CAA Check and Job Manager that enable test process automation and consolidated reports.

Spectrum Analyzer

A spectrum / signal analyzer estimates the size of an information signal versus recurrence inside the full recurrence scope of the instrument. The essential use is to gauge the force of the range of known and obscure signs. Given the test of portraying the way of behaving of the present RF gadgets, it is important to grasp how recurrence, abundancy, and regulation boundaries act over short and long time periods.


An oscilloscope, previously known as an oscillograph, is an instrument that graphically shows electrical signals and shows how those signs change over the long haul. It estimates these signs by interfacing with a sensor, which is a gadget that makes an electrical sign because of actual improvements like sound, light and intensity. For example, a mouthpiece is a sensor that converts sound into an electrical sign.

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