Gigabit Ethernet and integrated quality-of-service (QoS) intelligence optimize delay-sensitive services and improve overall network performance. Elegant and compact design, ideal for installation outside of wiring closet such as retail stores, open plan offices, and classrooms.


All D-Link fully managed switches support redundant power supplies (RPS) to provide backup power in the event of a power outage, surge damage, or primary power supply failure. This high-redundancy design minimizes network downtime and lowers maintenance costs.


The MikroTik switch is the essential ingredient in any top-level networking system.With the best-in-class hardware and software, it really is a great choice for any networking setup.


Build and expand your network with Ubiquiti Networks® UniFi® Switch, part of the UniFi line of products. Available with 24 or 48 RJ45 Gigabit ports, the UniFi Switch is a fully managed Gigabit switch, delivering robust performance and intelligent switching for your growing networks.